Unlock Hidden Revenue From Your Funnel

Stop losing money with a funnel that doesn't convert (or barely converts).
Turn more of your traffic into leads and sales with a Marketing Funnel Upgrade.

What’s a Marketing Funnel Upgrade?

An end-to-end review of your online marketing funnel packed with actionable recommendations to boost your conversion rates.

Investment: $950 

No contract and zero ongoing commitments or fees.

I was blown away by the depth and specificity. It was an ‘easy yes’ to implement the feedback too, because he designed it in such a way my team could paint-by-numbers execute his recommendations with little-to-no support needed from me.

Jamie Cawthon

COO & Executive Producer, The Institute for Women-Centered Coaching

A Marketing Funnel Upgrade is Best For:




Digital Products

Online Services

Online Education

Funnel Formats

Product Launch

Webinars (Live or Evergreen)

High-Ticket Product

Application / Call-Booking

Digital Product / Mini-Course

Funnel Revenue


Emerging: $0-$1M

Established: $1M-$5M


Start-Up: $0-$10K / month

Scale-Up: $10K-100K / month

5 Signs You Need an Upgrade

Resonate with any of the above? You need an upgrade.

A Marketing Funnel Upgrade is Designed For:

Marketing Leaders

Get an outside perspective from an expert who’s been the secret weapon behind the scenes for 8+ years.

Business Owners

Bring in expert marketing support so you can maximize your funnel’s ROI and increase your profits.

Marketing Agencies

White label my service and make sure the marketing you deliver drives higher ROI for clients.

A private, personalized review

Your upgrade is a 30-minute private, in-depth video detailing how to upgrade your funnel.

Quick upgrades identified

Recommended changes to your funnel’s key conversion elements, including copy, design, positioning, and more.

Stop leaving money on the table

Don’t lose more leads or customers to an unoptimized funnel. You’ll have your upgrade in 72 hours or less.

Maximize your ROI

Rest easy knowing your funnel is humming along around the clock to turn visitors into customers.

Conversions guaranteed

If your conversion rate doesn’t increase, I’ll refund you*.

How business owners & marketing leaders improved their conversions with a Marketing Funnel Upgrade

“Tripled the opt-in rate from 25% up to 71.4%”

Sean O'Meara

Certified High Performance Coach™

“I added $20,000 of new revenue into my business.”

Susan Epstein

Owner of Highly Profitable Practice

“Highest webinar sales conversions ever!”

Kim Nishida

Director of Marketing

I was blown away by the depth and specificity. It was an ‘easy yes’ to implement the feedback too, because he designed it in such a way my team could paint-by-numbers execute his recommendations with little-to-no support needed from me.

Jamie Cawthon

COO & Executive Producer, The Institute for Women-Centered Coaching

“Our conversion rate went up 17%! That’s a big jump for us. That means we have more opportunities to sign up more clients just by making a few page tweaks. Amazing!”

Chantel Prince

Director of Business Operations

Bobby’s basically the secret weapon behind my business… I couldn’t even calculate the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been added to my business since working with him.

Mamoon Yusaf

#1 Best-Selling Author & Creator of The Paradigm Shift

“I expected the funnel audit to be only high level concepts that would still require us signing up for more. I was blown away by the step by step, actionable detail and immediately put it to use.”

Wendy Perrotti

Founder at Live BIG, Co-Creator of Camp Reinvention


3 Steps to Increase Conversion

1 - Book an Upgrade

Book your upgrade and then answer a few simple questions to help me understand your funnel flow, ideal customer, and business goals.

2 - Conversion Upgrades Identified

I’ll review your funnel start-to-finish and send you a 30-minute personalized video identifying the most important fixes to increase your conversion rate. Plus you’ll get a full list of my recommended changes. Sent to you in less than 72 hours.

3 - Watch Your Conversion Rate Climb

You watch the video, make the updates to your funnel and hit publish. Then sit back, relax, and watch as you convert more visitors into leads and customers.

Most importantly: Enjoy more leads and sales!

(And if you don’t see an increase in conversion? I’ll give you your money back.)


Here's Exactly What You Get

All of the above is sent to you within 72 hours of ordering.

Hey, I’m Bobby

I’m the one who personally reviews your funnel.

Unlike others, I NEVER hand you off to a junior-level “B team”.

12+ multi-million dollar course & online training program launches

$5,500,000+ revenue generated from evergreen offers

115,000+ leads generated via live & evergreen funnels

Frequently Asked Questions

You and your team have invested significant resources into your funnel. But if it’s not optimized for maximum conversions, you’re leaving money on the table.


Small increases in conversion increase the ROI of all your marketing. Stop wasting money sending traffic through a funnel that only barely converts.

Yes! Or I’ll refund 100% of your money*.

$950 with no contract and no ongoing commitments or fees. Book yours here.

For most clients, just 2-3 additional customers covers the entire cost of an upgrade. Everything after that is pure profit.

Once you book your upgrade, you’ll receive your video & detailed notes within 72 hours.

This is a one-time engagement with no contract and no ongoing commitments or fees.

A Marketing Funnel Upgrade is best for these types of funnels:


  • Program/course launches
  • Webinars
  • High-ticket
  • Mini-course
  • Lead magnet / Lead gen

Note: The Marketing Funnel Upgrade is only for funnels with completed copy and pages (either pre-launch or post-launch is fine).


If you want support with the initial strategy & planning stages of building your funnel, please reach out to me at bobby (at)


During your Marketing Funnel Upgrade I’m reviewing everything needed to improve your conversions, including:


  • Conversion-focused design
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Copy, messaging, and positioning
  • Seamless automations

Absolutely. By booking your upgrade pre-launch, you’re already ahead of the curve. After you book your upgrade, just make sure I’m able to preview your funnel pages if they’re not live yet. 


Note: This is only for completed funnels, not funnels still at the ideas and planning stage.

Yes, your upgrade is completely private. I’ll send you a private link to view and download your video. Your upgrade won’t be shared elsewhere.

Sure thing. I can help you implement the changes if needed. Just ask.

There are two simple, common-sense criteria to qualify for the 100% money-back guarantee:

  1. You must implement at least 30% of my recommendations into your funnel. Otherwise, logically, I’m not responsible for any changes in your conversion.
  2. You must test the new changes and request a refund within 3 months of receiving your Upgrade.

Your entire investment is covered with just a few extra customers.

And then every additional customer beyond that? Pure profit 😎

100% money-back guarantee if your conversion rate doesn’t increase*.